Future of Video Advertisement in 2019-20


What we see puts more impact on us. Am I right? Yes! Maybe….

That’s why everytime we come online some videos popup on our screen like on our search engine, our facebook, twitter, etc. Have you ever notice why it happen? Who are doing it? But, one thing we are sure about is that these videos are watch by us, like by us (ignore the ones you didn’t liked), shared by us. We intend to pay more interest on videos than on written content.  If without any profitable motive, we are investing our time in these videos then, there is something good about it and that is what a new branding technique of marketing.

Companies are gaining recognitions with the video ads and earning huge. The best example can be seen in Samsung Galaxy’s “Growing Up” ad has total 23.9 million views which owned more than a third of the 66.7 million views generated by the top 10 ads on YouTube in November- https://marketingland.com/watched-ad-youtube-november-samsung-galaxy-spot-generated-23-9m-views-230199


RevZilla.com- who had seven million views and a 50% increase in revenue over the last few years- https://youtu.be/hlJorGZ1bRU

Know the time Duration and Types:

The duration of Video in advertisement should be between 30 seconds to 120 seconds. Different platform offers different time zone for video advertisements like facebook allow you to post ad not more than 120 second whereas twitter allows to post ad which are not more than 30 seconds and instagram sticks to the not more than 60second advertisement – https://2060digital.com/

When we talk about the types of videos on digital platform, there are 6 types of videos which we see on our favourite social page.

  1. Tutorial Videos: These are the videos that teach you something, like how to cook your favourite Food, How to use your favourite, etc.
  • Event Videos: Sharing a Video of a particular event like success party of your organization
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  • Announcement Videos: Something big is coming up for your audience? Your audience wants to hear it—especially in video form.
  • Promotional Videos: It’sall about creating a video which talk about your product and services. Make sure these videos need to be crisp and short.
  • Customer Centric Videos: Videos which involve your valuable customers. Such videos help in building relationship with customers. For e.g. Dove Soap advertisement in which customer is explaining how it feels after using the product.
  • Interviews & Q&A Videos: These Videos have questions and answer for its viewers.
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How to make it for your brand?

Understanding the Video advertisement is not enough. You need to know that how you can use it for your brand. Firstly, you need to understand your purpose for making a video and who is your audience. Then, decide the duration and creative part of video like what all you want to have in a video and what you want to avoid.  Make sure in advance when you are going to release it online as its matters a lot. Don’t forget to set your budget.

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